How It All Started


In 2008, my son Pepíno was born. For his 0th birthday he got, among other presents, The Diary of Our Baby, a printed book in which important events from the baby’s life are recorded. I learned that something like that exists only a few years before that. My wife and I were going through our childhood photo albums and she showed me her Childhood Book (a small notebook printed out for the purpose of recording the child’s first year – its first smile, first words, first steps, daily routine etc;. translator’s note). We found a load of interesting info. For instance, we found out that her first word was pio (a childish pronunciation of the word pivo, which means beer in Czech; translator’s note) and we had quite a lot of fun. I was a little bit down for not having anything like that. I don’t know when I made my first step or what my first word was. My guess is daddy

In the end, there were two of these books at our place when my son was born. They were both suitable for recording the memories from childhood. However, one could record different kinds of things in each of them. My wife voluntarily performed the role of the writer. I, then, became the photographer and cameraman.

I was glad that Pepíno would have The Child’s Diary. My wife was really committed to her task. I also witnessed her taking the diaries, browsing them through, jotting some notes down – quite a few times, actually. Once she recorded the baby’s first smile, a few pages later something about breastfeeding. She was looking for the family tree, which wasn’t in the book she was holding, so she took the other one… I think I wouldn’t have the patience for that. The books also lacked space for a lot of information that my wife found important; so she typed them down and saved as a Word document. Once I came home and saw her sitting at the computer, the diaries beside her, the papers with notes all around, accompanied by printed-out photos which could be sticked into the diary. That was the last straw. I tried to find some better way how to do that. It came to me that a lot of moms must deal with this problem. I started to search for some other way;  I didn’t find anything satisfactory, though. And that was when the idea of Childbook first sneaked into my head.

I started to write an analysis. I shared my idea with my brother-in-law, a programmer. That lended  to Childbook a form much more real than before. I still had to work and thought about Childbook in the evenings. The time went by terribly fast. One year later I came to the conclusion that we need an investor. My wife says that all the important things concerning children happen in the sandbox. It was no different in this case; and the investor appeared while building sand castles. Then, things picked up speed.

We managed to create an amazing team, full of people enchanted by the idea of Childbook. We cannot wait to present it to you. You have a lot to look forward to, I’m sure!


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